Hide My Eye

The simplest, most beautiful way to ensure webcam security only from EmDy

HideMyEye Translucent Privacy CamCover by EmDy

HideMyEye Translucent Privacy CamCover by EmDy

A discreet webCam Cover made of a translucent plastic.

$ 5.00


CamCover is a simple, tiny, and inconspicuous webCam cover for laptops and other devices. It completely obscures the image of your webCam when you are not using it, yet it is translucent so it will not become an eyesore on your screen. Just gently slide the round insert in front of the lens, and your camera will be protected. People who are serious about web security know that covering your lens is the best way to prevent it from being bugged. Until now, this has meant taping your lens. CamCover is the convenient and effective way to obscure your image without looking insane.

Web connected cameras are everywhere. They are where your children sleep. They are where your employees work. In your pocket and on your desk.

Unfortunately, webcams are not nearly as secure as many people assume. Hackers can take images and video with your devices without your knowledge. Sometimes they need physical access to your computers, and sometimes they can do it remotely. Without skilled security experts, it is impossible to tell if your cameras are silently sending images to a malicious hacker.

Even if your device is turned off, even if your device is offline, it is possible for hackers to take your 


Completely obscures the image

In the past, remote image hacking has been used to blackmail beauty queens. Rings of mischievous teenagers use it as sport to see who can gather the most incriminating photos. Governments use it to spy on journalists, and activists. WebCam hacking is low hanging fruit for corporate and economic espionage by both companies and governments.

When you look at your computer the only way to be certain that your computer is not looking back at you is to cover the camera. Until now, that meant tape or other more bulky solutions.

CamCover is the simple low maintenance solution to protect your privacy without ugly or oversized 

covers. It is small, only slightly larger than the lens itself, and does not interfere with the aesthetics of your laptop or device. Just stick it on with the included adhesive and slide the cover over the lens.